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Sustainable Consultation & Installation


Expert consulting, project development, and management all in one place for equestrian property owners or businesses who are looking to become more sustainable. 

At Carbon Hoofprint, we understand the growing importance of sustainable practices in the equestrian industry and provide expert consulting and innovative solutions to lower the carbon “hoofprint” of our sport.


We are pleased to offer Carbon Hoofprint’s Ultimate Sustainable Barn Audit & Design Package which is tailored to help equestrian barns create a customized plan to minimize their environmental impact while optimizing efficiency and functionality. This comprehensive service combines an in-depth sustainability audit with preliminary design recommendations to transform your barn into an inspiring leader for sustainability and the environment in our sport.

Let’s put sustainability at the heart of your horse barn or business!


  • Feasibility Analysis & Consulting

    • We Perform Property Fit and Opportunity Assessments

  • Project Design & Estimating

    • We Design your Ideal Custom Solution and Estimate Savings

  • Rebate & Financing Consulting

    • We Evaluate Rebate Opportunities and Financing Options

  • Project Management

    • End-to-End Project Management of Design Through Installation


Our Audit and Design Package

What does the Ultimate Sustainable Barn look like?

Our Sustainable Solutions Package includes an Audit and Preliminary Design with our top recommendations for your very own personalized Strategy and improvement Roadmap. This includes a custom-designed and down-selected menu of initiatives based on the audit and goals, estimated savings and impact, as well as our best choice vendors and solution plans for:

  • Solar and Renewable Energy Integration

  • LEDs, Lighting, and Automation

  • Water Refill Stations

  • EV Charging Stations

  • Water Usage, Reuse, and Water Efficiency

  • Waste Prevention and Collection

  • Manure Waste to Energy, Compost, Sustainable Manure Disposal

  • Cost Estimations and Financing Options

Our Core Competency: Solar & Renewables

Carbon Hoofprint has key competency in solar consulting and engineering services within the niche equestrian industry. We work with clients across the country, providing full-service due diligence and installation, starting from feasibility analysis and initial design through to implementation, optimization, and management of solar energy systems and sustainable improvements.

Create the sustainable barn of your dreams by working one-on-one with the experts at Carbon Hoofprint to make the ultimate sustainable vision for your equestrian property a reality!

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